Monday, March 7, 2011

Liverpool v Manchester United Highlights Video | 6 Mar 11

A massive display of power from Liverpool at Anfield proved too much for the Manchester United team. Manchester United were clearly overwhelmed and could not rise to the occasion. In fact the Manchester club could not be found for any comments of the match against Liverpool.

Check out the video below to see all the highlights of the match on 6 Mar 11.

Dirk Kuyt came out of the match with a gallant hat trick, his first for Liverpool. But a lot of credit for his goals should go to the new boy Luis Suarez. Suarez was phenomenal, the first goal was all due to the sheer brilliance of the Uruguayan. He went three defenders in a very tight space and made it ultra comfortable for Kuyt who pounced on it with perfection.

It is unfortunate that Nani got injured, hope he recovers well. That tackle by Jamie Carragher probably  deserved a red card. It was still a brilliant display of Football by Kenny Dalglish's side. Andy Carroll also got to spend some on the pitch, albeit only a handful of minutes.

Manchester United are just not being able to cope with the pressure at the back without Vidic and Ferdinand.  Javier Hernandez came and was effective as soon as he came. He scored the only United goal.

All in all a very good win by Liverpool which was as crucial for Arsenal too. Now they have a good chance of overcoming Manchester United

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  1. ManU a big fan of Jamie Carragher